Welcome to Tater Hill Farm.

Our farm is a working farm that will allow you to visit with a very friendly goat, chickens, ducks, geese, peacocks, and the cutest horses you'll ever meet. Be sure to visit the horse page; you'll find the link on the main page behind the blue horse button.

Feed time on the farm

Country living at its best. What a quiet place to come and just 'hang out'and enjoy peace and quiet.

Stephanie collects eggs from the hen house on her visit to Tater Hill Farm. What fun to take part of a real farm and all the animals there.

Playing in the hay is more fun that you can imagine. Families can bring their children and pets and join in the fun.

Dan is a billy goat that loves attention. If you listen carefully, he might even talk to you...if you can understand goat talk.

When you visit us, we encourage you to have a relationship with the animals. During the spring and early summer months, children can visit with the new babies on Tater Hill Farm. They are very cute and people friendly. Of course as with any animal that is unfamiliar to you, we will have one of the staff escort you to visit the babies.